Our Advantages

Ganshengda regards your freight as its responsibility. If your goods have cold, super high, super wide machinery, can not fold the high-grade clothing and other special goods. We are happy to recommend the most suitable container according to your different needs.

Cooler (Refrigerated)
Ganshengda can provide the service of booking refrigerated containers, and order the corresponding refrigerated containers from the shipping company according to the requirements of customers. Our depot can do the stacking and cooling business for these refrigerators. The shipping company produces these cold boxes according to a strict process. The ventilation system at the bottom of the box can make the frozen products in an optimum condition. Generally there are 20 ', 40 'two specifications of freezer for you to choose.

Open Top box
If you have large equipment that needs to be shipped, we recommend open top boxes to help you. The open top boxes are covered with special waterproof and oil-proof tarpaulin, and the goods are reinforced with steel wire rope reinforcement device. The door of the container can be unloaded and reinforced for better filling. Open top boxes are made of steel and can provide 20 ', 40 'two specifications of open top boxes and booking services.

Flat racks
Frame box is especially used to transport large, overweight goods or need to be placed on the top, side of the goods in transport. Such as steel pipe, equipment and so on. Frame boxes are made of iron and steel, and Ganshengda has many years of experience in equipping frame boxes. Customers can trust to deliver the goods to us, and we can provide you with a one-stop service of 20 'and 40' two specifications of frame boxes, from booking to packing to collecting port.

Dress hanger containers (Garmentainers)
Hanging suitcases is one of the most distinctive services of Ganshengda. We can help customers to book the space of the hangers, and make modifications to the containers. According to the different requirements of customers, we can increase the hanging device for customers, single-layer, double-layer, four-layer and other specifications of the modification and decoration, suitable for the transport of clothes can not be folded.

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