Qingdao Sunrise International Logistics Co., Ltd was established in 2009. It is a first-class INTERNATIONAL freight forwarding company registered in Qingdao with the registered capital of RMB 5 million and registered in the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. NVOCC Qualification (MOC-NV05336) and FMC NVOCC Qualification (NO-028953) approved by the Ministry of Communications. Qingdao logistics comprehensive strength of 20 strong, now more than 120 employees.
      The company's main sea, land, air and other import and export freight of international freight forwarding business. Professional to provide Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and other airline services. At present, it is the first-class booking agent for all shipping lines of COSCO Shipping, Sinotrans, South Star Shipping, Oceanographic, Xingya, NYK, OOCL and Datong, and has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many shipping companies such as Haifeng, CMA and Maersk. The company has a number of shipping companies own number section, direct issue. Our company has absolute price advantage and guarantee of shipping space.
      With the continuous development of the company's business, in order to meet the market demand, to meet the customer's Door-Roor transportation service requirements, the company respectively with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and other famous overseas agency companies signed the agency agreement, the establishment of a global agent network close cooperation agent relationship. Can undertake: booking, customs declaration, inspection, inland transportation, container consolidation and unpacking and other related business. Our monthly import and export container volume is about 5000TEU.
      Our company has been maintaining good business relations with relevant units such as Qingdao logistics terminals and Qianwan port terminals, and the business is smooth. Our company has its own customs brokers and professional fleet, to provide customers with a full range of first-class services.
      Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the "professional service, integrity service" purpose of service.



Special cases

Ganshengda regards your freight as its responsibility. If your goods have cold, super high, super wide machinery, can not fold the high-grade clothing and other special goods. We are happy to recommend the most suitable container according to your different needs.

Routes advantages

QINGDAO GANSENGDA INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT CO., LTD. IS ONE OF THE FIRST NVOCC (N.V.O.C.C) APPROVED BY MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and low cost global freight services in a professional manner.

Information technology (it)

The application of advanced logistics technology, the application of wireless vehicle terminal, the warehouse area three-dimensional dynamic management, container and cargo positioning accuracy of 100%, dynamic information website use query.

Multimodal transport

Diversified international trade requires more comprehensive and professional logistics services. As a leader in the logistics industry, our company provides professional international multimodal transportation services by virtue of our strong strength and strong agent network.

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    The latest news

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